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Discovery! : unearthing the new treasures of archaeology / edited by Brian M. Fagan.
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930.1 DIS
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New York : Thames & Hudson, c2007.
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256 p. ill. (some col.), col. map ; 28 cm.
World map -- Archaeology now: New finds and fresh perspectives / Brian M. Fagan -- DISCOVERIES FROM THE ICE AGE: New evidence from Africa : rewriting the story of human origins / Peter Andrews. The mystery of the skulls from Dmanisi, Georgia / Chris Stringer. The first Europeans and the pit of the bones at Atapuerca, Spain / Chris Stringer. Boxgrove : the oldest human fossils in Britain / Chris Stringer. The 'Hobbit' : an unknown human relative? / Chris Stringer -- TOMBS, GRAVES AND MUMMIES: The Iceman : a 5,000-year-old murder victim? / Chris Scarre. The Amesbury Archer and the Boscombe Bowmen : men of Stonehenge / Andrew P. Fitzpatrick. New revelations from the pyramids of Giza / Zahi Hawass. The tomb of Tutankhamun's mother? : an 18th dynasty chamber in the Valley of the Kings / Zahi Hawass. Pharaoh's children : the tomb of the sons of Ramesses II in the Valley of the Kings / Kent R. Weeks. New Kingdom tombs at Saqqara / Alain Zivie. Where the living feasted with the dead : the royal tombs of Qatna, Syria / Peter Pfälzner. The royal tombs of Nimrud, Iraq : the treasures of Assyrian queens / Joan Oates. The great Ryzhanovka Barrow : an intact burial of a Scythian nobleman / Sergey Skory and Jan Chochorowski. The Valley of the Golden Mummies, Egypt / Zahi Hawass. Bodies from the bog : new insights into life and death in pagan Celtic Ireland / Eamonn P. Kelly. Warriors, musicians and acrobats at the tomb of the first Emperor of China / Zhang Yinglan. The Spitalfields Lady : the finest Roman grave ever found in London / Christopher Thomas. Moche tombas at Dos Cabezas, Peru / Christopher B. Donnan. Power and prestige : middle Sicán elite tombs of North coastal Peru / Izumi Shimada. The Red Queen and other new Maya tombs / George Stuart. Chachapoya : mummies in the Cloud Forest of Peru / Adriana von Hagen. Inca mummies : child sacrifice on Andean peaks / Johan Reinhard. The Prittlewell Prince : an Anglo-Saxon royal burial / Ian Blair -- TREASURES OF ANCIENT ART: At the origins of art : new discoveries of decorated caves / Jean Clottes. Black pharaohs : a cachette of statues from Kerma, Sudan / Charles Bonnet and Dominique Valbelle. A celtic warrior prince from Glauberg, Germany / Holger Baitinger and Fritz-Rudolf Herrmann. Artistic splendours from the Greek and Roman World / Mark Merrony. Turkey's Pompeii : the magnificent mosaics of Zeugma / Robert Early. The maize god and the mythology of kings : Maya paintings at San Bartolo, Guatemala / William A. Saturno. Torcs, coins and gold cups : ancient hoards from Britain / Jeremy D. Hill. The Hoxne treasure : a late Roman hoard / Catherine Johns. Spillings : the world's biggest Viking silver hoard / Dan Carlsson. Portaits in pottery : ceramic vessels from Lake Titicaca / Antti Korpisaari and Martti Pärssinen. Statues of the Buddha from Qingzhou, China / Jan Stuart -- LOST CITIES: Caral : the oldest civilization in Peru and the Americas / Ruth Shady. Pyramid City, Giza / Mark Lehner. Jinsha : changing the map of ancient China / Jay Xu. Towards a new Jerusalem / Roberta L. Harris. Saxon London, concealed beneath the city streets / Robert Cowie. Jamestown : the fort that was the birthplace of the United States of America / William M. Kelso -- ENIGMAS OF RITUAL AND RELIGION: Carved creatures from the dawn of agriculture : Göbekli Tepe, Turkey / Klaus Schmidt. Secrets revealed at Britain's Henges / Mike Pitts. The Nebra sky disc : the oldest representation of the heavens / Harald Meller. Helmets and war-trumpets : a ritual hoard from Tintignac, France / Christophe Maniquet. Symbols of religion and power : the Pyramid of the Moon, Teotihuacán / Saburo Sugiyama. Moche ritual sacrifice at Huaca de la Luna, Peru / Steve Bourget -- DISCOVERIES FROM THE DEEP: The world's oldest boats, from Abydos, Egypt / Matthew Douglas Adams and David O'Connor. Alexandria underwater : Greek cities beneath the sea in Egypt / Franck Goddio. The ancient port and ships of Pisa / Stefano Bruni. HMS Pandora : the ship sent to find the Bounty mutineers / Peter Gesner, Submarine and ironclad : American Civil War wrecks / Robert S. Neyland -- SCIENTIFIC DISCOVERIES: DNA and archaeology / Brian M. Fagan. Ice ages, floods and droughts : the impact of climate change in the past / Brian M. Fagan. Ancient wine and beer / Patrick E. McGovern. Medical science and archaeology / Charlotte Roberts. Ancient writings : early hieroglyphs from Abydos, Egypt / Roby Wilkinson. Ancient writing : biblical inscriptions / Roberta L. Harris. Ancient writing : China's 'Dead Sea scrolls' / Wang Tao. Ancient writing : new advances in Maya decipherment / David Stuart. Ancient writing : deciphering the knotted strings of the Incas / Gary Urton. The Cascajal Block : the New World's oldest writing / Michael D. Coe.
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Includes bibliographical references (p. 247-251) and index.
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Unearthing the new treasures of archaeology
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930.1 DIS Adult Non-fiction Book*

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