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The boys' book of survival : how to survive anything, anywhere / written by Guy Campbell ; illustrated by Simon Ecob ; edited by Rachel Carter ; designed by Zoe Quayle.
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j613.69 CAM
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1st American ed.
New York : Scholastic, 2009.
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125 p. : ill. ; 21 cm.
How to plan a group expedition -- How to make your own survival pack -- How to be a good leader -- How to avoid piranhas -- How to survive a tornado -- How to choose a good place to spend the night in the wilderness -- How to survive falling off a horse -- How to survive a duel -- How to survive an alien invasion -- How to survive a bully -- How to survive a shark attack -- How to make a ladder -- How to avoid being attacked by a polar bear -- How to survive a long car journey -- How to read a compass -- How to cope without a compass -- How to make a compass using the sun -- How to survive a haunting -- How to escape tricky situations -- How to survive radiation -- How to survive a swarm of angry honeybees -- How to catch a fish with your bare hands -- How to gut a fish -- How to get rid of leeches -- How to put someone in the recovery position -- How to land an airplane in an emergency -- How to survive an avalanche -- How to survive in bear country-- How to build a survival shelter -- How to survive a visit from an abominable snowman -- How to tie a quick-release knot -- How to send an SOS -- How to survive a zombie invasion -- How to escape from quicksand -- How to track a wild animal -- How to make a tracking stick -- How to stage a jailbreak -- How to make a getaway -- How to survive a school dance -- How to make a catapult -- How to survive a huge pimple -- How to carry someone to safety -- How to make an underwater escape -- How to survive the bubonic plague -- How to survive a shopping expedition -- How to avoid a hungry hippo -- How to tie a sling -- How to survive an essay crisis -- How to survive being stuck in an elevator -- How to survive a snakebite -- How to avoid a man-eating tiger -- How to predict rain -- How to build an igloo -- How to make fresh water from seawater -- How to light a fire -- How to survive a family Christmas -- How to wade through running water -- How to make a dugout canoe -- How to be a modest hero -- How to survive your teachers.
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j613.69 CAM Children's Non-fiction Book
j613.69 CAM Children's Non-fiction Book
j613.69 CAM Children's Non-fiction Book*

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